Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64

Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64

Added Date: August 03, 2019

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Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64 / Specification

Manufacturer: Dlubal Software GmbH Link to
English Name: RFEM
Version Number: v5.19.01
Name RFM
Price: 2370 Euro(just For Information)
Size: 2000 MB
Release Date:15:40|2019.08.03
Rating: 4.5 Star(s) 4.5/5

Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64 / Screenshots

Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64
Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64
Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64
Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64
Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64
Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64

Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64 / Description

RFEM is a powerful 3D FEA program helping structural engineers meet requirements in modern civil engineering. Efficient data input and intuitive handling facilitate modeling of simple and large structures.

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Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64 / System Requirements

- Operating system Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
- x86 CPU with 2 GHz
- 2 GB RAM
- USB interface for the installation (if no installation via download link)
- 20 GB hard disk capacity, including approximately 4 GB required for the installation
- Graphics card with OpenGL acceleration and resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Onboard solutions and shared-memory technologies are not recommended.

RFEM is not supported by Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac OS, or server operating systems.

Except for the operating system, there are no product recommendations, since RFEM basically runs on all systems that meet the aforementioned system requirements. If you use RFEM for intensive calculations, the principle "the more the better" applies.

Calculations of complex structural systems have to process huge amounts of data. Once the main memory is no longer sufficient, the hard drive is used for processing the data, which may significantly slow down your computer. Therefore, a main memory upgrade usually speeds up calculation more than a faster processor.

Since the RFEM computation kernel supports several processor cores, you can completely use the potential of the 64-bit operating system. If your computer has sufficient RAM memory, you can use the fast and direct matrix solver method even for large models.

For a calculation of complex structural systems, we recommend the following configuration:
- Quad-core processor
- Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
- 8 GB RAM

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Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64 / Installation Guide

1. Setup.exe file to run with Administrator software.
2. Copy (replace) the contents of the Crack/Crackedfile folder to the software path (by default: C: ProgramFiles Dlubal RFEM5.19).
3-Copy the AUTHORE.INI file to the Crack folder in C: ProgramData Dlubal Global GeneralData .
4. Download the software and select the Help u0026 - Authorization u0026 - LoadAuthorizationFile AUTHORE.INI file copied to the download step.
5. Software is fully activated with no restrictions on usability.

- Software can only be installed on 64-bit systems.
-This information is available from the Test Center.
- Do not update the software and find a new page for this application.
-All of the u0026 files and any unauthorized services include the ability to repair WinRAR software if the download fails.

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Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64 / Download

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Dlubal RFEM v5.19.01 x64 / Download Guide

If you do not have download management software, download download software such as IDM or FlashGet before downloading any files.
To download, click on the "Download" button and wait for the relevant window to appear, then select the location of the file to be saved and wait until the download ends.
In case of a problem downloading files is just enough. In the last link, download the file a question mark? Place the file to be easily downloaded.
Files downloaded to download to reduce volume and get faster compressed, to remove files from the compressed version of Winrar software or similar.
If you see the first, second, and ... section of the download link, all sections should be downloaded to make the file usable.
The password to open the compressed file is . All the letters should be typed in small and when typing in the EN / FA status of your keyboard note, it is also better to type a password and do not copy it from Copy-Paste.
If you encounter a CRC message during the removal process, if you have entered the password correctly. The file has been downloaded corrupted and you have to download it again.
Crack files due to the nature of the functionality when used may be detected by antivirus as a malicious file. In such cases, temporarily disable your antivirus.
See the download and troubleshooting guide for downloaded files on this page .

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